Safer journeys in the United Kingdom
The safety of our drivers, passengers and communities will always be our number one priority. We've developed a range of safety features across our platform and we're constantly assessing and improving the protection we have available.

Safety features

We've developed a unique set of tools and features designed to keep you safe while riding or driving with Bolt in the United Kingdom.

Passenger safety

City map
Share trip details
Send the car's make, model, registration number and live location to friends or family via a shareable link. All trips are also tracked and recorded.
Emergency assist
Quickly and discreetly alert the emergency services with the in-app Emergency Assist button. This will also alert our Safety team, who will make an immediate welfare call.

Driver screening
Drivers must pass the safety requirements that we follow on behalf of the licencing authorities in which it serves.

Driver safety

City map
Static vehicle checks
If your car is stationary for a set period of time, a Bolt safety specialist will check in to make sure you're okay.
SOS button
Drivers can quickly and discreetly alert the emergency services by tapping the in-app SOS button inside the app.
Rider management
If we receive reports of consistently poor passenger behaviour, our Safety team will take the appropriate action, including blocking the user from using Bolt again.
Shift limits
Bolt drivers can only be online for up to 12 hours per day, allowing them to get sufficient rest and always stay fresh and alert at the wheel.

General safety

24/7 customer support
Our Support team is always online. Contact them through the Bolt app or via phone.

Driver & Passenger phone:
+44 808 169 8818
Other UK cities
+44 808 168 9314

Supporting the police
We actively report serious incidents to the police. We use our own data to support all investigations however required. While investigations are ongoing, we are often limited in what we can say publicly.
Your number stays private
When you make a call via our app, your phone number remains hidden.
Passenger and driver ratings
These allow us to review driver and passenger behaviour and block users who violate Bolt's Terms of Service.
Staying safe before, during
and after your trip
Check that the driver’s face, car make and registration plate match those shown in the app.
Our Share Ride Details feature and Emergency Assist button allow you to ride with extra peace of mind.
Rate your driver honestly. Drivers who repeatedly receive low ratings will lose access to the platform.
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